pH roofing can complete, using the highest quality of materials and standard of workmanship, any metal or tile roofing work that you may need done.

Need a new Roof? Look no further than pH Roofing Services.

We only use the best materials sourced from companies, like colorbond, that have treatments and coatings to survive the great Aussie elements. 

The roof, of any building, is the most important part. Without the roof and gutter and drainage operating at maximum efficiency you are putting the building at risk!

We can schedule periodic checks and maintenance to ensure that there are no issues.

A building occupant is unaware of any problems until a leak occurs. Often this is too late and much more damage has occurred, costing far more than needed to repair.

At pH Roofing, we can do Inspections and reports to pinpoint any problems that are occurring so you can stay informed of the condition of your building. 

Nothing is worse than winter comes around or a heavy storm passes through and you end up with a collapsed ceiling and water running inside. 

Call us immediately for us to come and repair that leak as soon as possible, before it causes more damage.

Older roofs need tender care. Often there is nothing wrong with a tile roof other than it needs a good clean and coating reapplied.

At pH roofing we have that covered.

Call us for a Free Quote on restoring your roof to as good, if not better, than when it was first installed.

Sydney is famous for its, at times, crazy storms.

When this occurs the biggest casualty to homes and buildings is the roof.

If you get affected by storm damage call us anytime to come and patch it temporarily and give a full quotation for repair – Our quotes are able to be used for insurance claims too!